Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cherishing the little things

Up until now, we've not encountered the "terrible twos".

Suddenly, its hit, and his us with a vengeance.

My girl who's so well behaved in public threw a fit in safeway and bawled all the way home over not getting a treat. She's been trying to give up naps, and her grumpy self emerges near bedtime. She picks on her brother, she growls at me when I ask her to pick up her toys. She can be utterly frustrating at some times. But today, she helped me while I was sewing. Organizing my little squares, holding the scraps and telling her buddy not to touch. She kissed her brothers owies better after he had his shots done. She takes good care of all her millions of babies and bears. So throughout all the screaming, whining and picking fights, I'll be remembering and cherishing these sweet moments in between. I'll have to keep telling myself that we'll get through this.

I love you Sadie pie.

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Anonymous said...

I always have to remind myself -whatever their age- that the world is so new to them and how they are trying to make sense of everything. The more they can do, the more they struggle against not having control. Routine and consistency works the best. (and slowly giving them control/responsibility over things that are age appropriate)
You're a great mom.


Skibbe said...

She is growing up so fast! Love the picture of Sadie!

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