Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Sadie! (belated birthday party post)

More like this is the belated blog post, but whatever. This girl turned 3 on May 15th, and we celebrated that Saturday with an Ice Cream party.

She really wanted a pete the cat cake, but the night before when I was making said cake, I chickened out and asked if she wanted a pretty pink flower cake. She was thrilled. Then, since you are all like, Miranda, that's not a flower cake, I will explain. I was ready to ice the darn thing and could not for the life of me find my star tip. So, I tried my un used ruffle tip, and there we go, ruffles! Sadie was over the moon.

Make your own Sundae bar! So easy and delicious.

 Lets face it, they were more about looks than taste. The blue raspberry ones were gross, the others were ok.

Sugar cookies, chocolate strawberries, and ice cream sandwiches. We were quite loaded with Sugar.

My girl going to town on her presents, ripping apart the paper like a pro. Girl obviously remembers Christmas.

Lucas got to help, but he mostly played with the balloons. My kids think balloons are the bomb. Balloons were in our house all week, driving me up the wall.

This girl totes that purse around wherever she goes. We forgot it at home one day, and had already left in the car when she realized it wasn't there. She bawled the entire ride to the store and still was sad when we were shopping.

So that was her party. We hung out, ate ice cream, trampolined, and the kids played with all the presents, and new water sand table. They were good and tired at bed time though.

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heidi said...

love the theme, love the cake (looks so professional!) and can't believe your baby girl is 3 already!!

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