Monday, August 19, 2013

Camping Part deux!

I was fooling around with my macro filters. It was fun to play around with the camera.

Its called improvising. Tony was catching up on Storm of Swords and we were both refueling on coffee and tea after the night before.

 The kids didn't need many toys this time around. I brought their crayons, plastic tools and a couple cars and they mostly explored in the ferns and searched for bugs.

They also thought that hiding behind the tent or under the table was fantastic.

Really curly fern. More camera time. 

We tried teapot with the kids, knowing that they wouldn't come close to finishing it. It was nice until everyone was exhausted. Tony had a great idea to piggy back children up hill, and gave me the heaviest one. Once I gave up, grumpy had a meltdown and sat in the middle of the trail and screamed. He had given up. I still made him walk down with me. He was not impressed. Sadie did really well for a 3 year old. She didn't whine hardly at all.

This is another meltdown before nap time. Sawing moss off trees was great until she stole the saw away from him. Nothing could make it better for a while, until chocolate was found. Then everyone forgot about that stupid plastic saw. 

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Skibbe said...

Amazing photos! Look like you had a great time! We haven't been camping yet this year, so its been pretty sad for us. One day we should do a joint trip! Earl would love that!

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