Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Pretty things and projects

I've got a few projects in the works. Theres a certain yellow quilt that I am half way done hand quilting. I really have procrastinated on that one, but hopefully this week I'll get a chunk more done. I also wanted to do a twin sized quilt, and I've got 2 ideas for it. This is also very good because have 2 twin sized battings waiting to be used. Flying Geese quilt for one. It will drive me mad, but I'll love it. The other will be black and white. That I'll do first. Might start this in a couple weeks, I've got a party to plan soon, and the house needs a good clean. Like, really needs to be super cleaned. It also means I'll need to put away all my excess quilting stuff that takes over the dining room. There are many rubbermaid bins and batting that are stacked beside my shelves. It all needs to be hidden in my room next week. So, until then, you'll get pictures of the kids until I start doing the twin quilts.

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Laura Selinger said...

I really need to get quilting! I'm so jealous of the lovely ones you are making!

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