Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is why my three year old still needs naps

Two days ago, Sadie was getting put down for a nap. She overheard that I was going shopping while she would be napping. That did not sit well with her. She started to cry, and then freak out, and because I just put Lucas to bed and was terrified that he'd wake up too (and I'd totally miss out on hitting the thrift store), I gave in. Yup, the start of my downfall. 

Sadie was surprisingly well behaved for the thrift store up until the end. I understood, and we headed home. She never rested on the couch, and instead tormented her brother and sassed us with bad attitude all evening. I was so grateful for bedtime when it came. She threw fits, and didn't want to go to bed. She stalled for half an hour. Longest half an hour EVER. 

So, after a late bedtime, she woke up the next day as early as I allow, which is 7. I took the kids for a much needed grocery trip. Usually I take a kid in a cart, and the other gets to walk which is a nice privilege. 

Beth took her walking and I had Lucas. After 5 minutes, I see Beth practically dragging Sadie, who is trying to bolt. So we switch kids. This is when it hits. Sadie arches her back and screams LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! LET ME OUT NOWWWW!!!! and then just screams at me. You know what? I'm not about to leave without getting groceries. I'm not abandoning my cart. I've got things to do. So, I calmly go throughout the store picking up things while Sadie screams at me, kicks her feet and thrashes in the cart to try and knock stuff off the shelves. Worst tantrum I've ever seen from her. Ever. She calmed down after a while, but Beth could hear us across the walmart. It was quite a sight. Thankfully it was pretty dead at walmart, but regardless, I'm sure I got evil looks. I don't really pay attention to much else other than the task at hand when the kids freak out. 

So, that day, Sadie had a good nap, and slept well that night, and gave me no grief. So, don't let them fool you when they try and get out of naps. Crazy children. 

Also, without naps, I'd get no time away from them, and those precious 2 hours a day is enough to keep me sane. 

I also really like taking naps on those kinds of days. 

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