Thursday, August 23, 2007

now with PICTURES!!!

My blog has been pretty boring with no pictures, so here we go!
Been pretty busy planning the wedding, but I had to show you some new additions to the family.

Davy is the light brown one, davy is short for Davy Jones.
Then we have little Jack (Captain Jack Sparrow) and Elizabeth. Jack is the little black guy.
They are cute. Davy freaks me out a little with his big kickers.

It was my dads birthday today.
Ran out of candles, so he got a very lovely red flower candle on his favorite cake.

You can tell you are getting old when.....oh man. He should probably get glasses soon lol.
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Isn't she lovely? ya, dinner will not be the same without them that is for sure.
Aria made me a very awesome sideshow, it made me cry.
I will probably cry when I see it again on Sunday, I am hoping not though.

Anyways, that is all for now. I shall post more most likely after the wedding...

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Anonymous said...

Ah it looks like you are prepare yourself a feast for the long winters there Miranda. Yes those wabbits would taste mighty good on the barbecue. Well as you take that walk down the aisle make sure those steps are real s-l-o-w. Have a great one from all of us here in Kelowna.
Phillip Bohn

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