Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sooo busy...

so since aria has been home, we have been immersed in wedding details.
so much to do :P ugh...I will be happy the day of and probably glad when its all done.
get to wrap party favors and make little things.
too busy right now though. I will post the picutures when its all said and done.
I am going to go out and go shopping for more stuff now :P


running wildly said...

I want proof, Miranda! Pictures. I simply must see pictures of your special day.

Anonymous said...

if you need help feel free to call hun 819-3771 I'm only working part time right now and am off by noon

Miranda said...

thank you christa :) I finished half of the party favors. I shall provide proof soon, my parents are taking the formal pictures

Teresa said...

I enjoyed the party favors. The inside was particularly yummy. HeHe!!

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