Monday, June 30, 2008

Exhibit 1:

Just look at this creature! This one has left her cave and you don't want to sneak up on her....

And now we see the creatures looks like this one has a green thumb. Hopefully this creature will water her plant life every few days and not forget. This creature seems forgetful.

We have seen this creature today hide in its cave, she doesnt seem to like the hot weather. She looks like shes laying there, trying to stay cool.

This creature also expresses herself in unusual ways, like crafting up a painting for its cave. Not typical for its kind. It has used crude tools to craft its art. Hopefully she will find better supplies to express herself.

This report is over for now, as the creature seems to have awoken and has caught my scent.

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Emmy said...

aww, thats a cute painting! AWW! i wish i hadnt run out of supplies! i miss painting.

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