Monday, June 30, 2008

uggg hot

its too hot outside to do much. My trip to safeway was gross except the part where I got to stay in the air conditioning. My goal was to get stuff to stay cool. Got Popsicles, juice, and frozen berries...yum. I shall be drinking smoothies or iced tea all day long.
The bird is flying all over the place while I do this, but its nice and cool when get hovers infront of me. She's like a fan with her wings. She is also keeping cool by sitting in the shade, and I am spraying her with a spray bottle of water. I think she likes it.
I planted all my herbs in the big pot that dad brought over :) They are all watered and happy.
I was planning on going to the library...maybe later though.

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Emily Dorchak said...

yucky hot weather! i am a cold person. i like snow.

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