Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I wondered why my leg hurt so much last night, I looked at it thinking it was bruised and there was a huge bite of some kind. I assume its a spider bite. So creepy to think about a spider cruising down into your bed only to chomp down on your leg. Its all red and red around the bite area. Oh well, maybe I will do the spider man thing and shoot webs from my wrists. That would be a benefit to the spider bite I guess.

In other news, this morning the bird was hanging around on the shower curtain rod while I was washing my hair. Shes tropical, and likes the steam/ spray of the shower. Well, since shes all independent and wanting to fly herself, she decided to take off. She landed in the water in the tub and got soaked. Tony rinsed her off because she fell in shampooey water. She smells nice like green tea and cucumbers lol.

Poor thing, she looked like she drowned.

Tony warmed her up, she was shivering. He put her in his t shirt on the bed and she was under the shirt for the most part, but then decided to creep out to chirp a little.

She looks really good now. I think I shall try to shampoo her or wash her a little every few weeks.

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Emily Dorchak said...

AWW! poor u and poor killer. :( lol
your poor leg! take care of that bite! dont want it to get infected!
lol, wet bird smell is funny. but once they dry, thye do smell nice. :D
lol. cucumber. lol.

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