Monday, January 05, 2009

a new do

I have had a straightener for a while, haven't used it much.
Tony hates it because he thinks I look like a different person.

Last night he came to bed and said "Good night straight haired stranger".
Hes a funny one. Hes now having fun putting his hands through my hair, which he wasnt able to do before without me screaming. I cringe when he does it still because I think his hands will get caught in a big mess.

Heres a before shot of what my hair is like before I straighten it:

It has to be dry and brushed out with no product in it. mmmm frizz


Anonymous said...


i have never seen your hair so fluffy!!!!!!


Meredith said...

I have a friend with the same hair and when she got the staightener we called her by a different name, instead of Nancy it was simply Nann. Maybe your staight haired alter ego should be a variation of your regular name?

Aria said...

I shall call it EM. That is crazy though. <3 frizz eh?

Miranda said...

EM sounds good. or Mir :D

Jennifer said...


Miranda said...

for realz, this is what I have to do before its straightened, must be combed out dry.

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