Thursday, January 15, 2009


I like making things.
I find it soothing to doodle or make things.
I've been getting into painting porcelain plates and dishes and things. I got the idea from etsy and figured it didn't look that hard.
I ordered some neat paint markers from eBay before Christmas and then my first project turned out to be Christmas presents for my parents.
I wish I had pictures of them, they were a set of 3 plates with fall leaves painted on them.

This is my latest project:

As you can see its not finished yet, but the little birds will be all painted with detail soon!

I like the little red birds. Especially the one with his butt turned towards you.

There will be more fun things to come, I am thinking of new stuff in my head now all the time!
Maybe a teapot or set :O

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heidi said...

wow, you drew those birds freehand? very artistic!

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