Monday, February 02, 2009


I have been feeling the need to do a massive clean of the apartment.
Yesterday I went through the closets and cleared out all the boxes and threw away stuff and had a massive basket of cardboard and garbage.

who knew this small place could hold that much? Man! packrats....
So anyways, I took down my first load of recycling (glass and popcans) and then went to grab my next batch. I was back outside in less than 2 min and saw that the glass recycling container was pilfered and all my stuff disappeared.

I looked around, didnt see any of the typical guys and their shopping carts, didnt see anybody with bags, the alley was dead.

Put my cardboard away, but had an eerie feeling that the someone was still out there casing the joint to see if I would bring any more "treasures" out.


katie michelle said...

ahhh creepy!
i hated taking the garbage out at night at our old appartment, it was dark and smelly and who knows what was hiding down there!

Miranda said...

I usually make Tony do it, but he was at his friends

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