Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Although the plan was to skip Christmas dinner in favor of going on vacation, my momma couldn't bear not to have turkey dinner and all the good stuff. So off we went to Chilliwack for awesome dinner time. During the day it snowed! I love Christmas dinner when it snows.

This little dude was in Mikaela's Christmas cracker. I got vampire teeth in mine :) We obviously traded, her being a twilight fan. Me, well I had plans for my extinct friend.

We grew up with the rules of "no toys at the table", and "you cannot play with your food". We get away with it at Christmas as it was humorous. I like that he is in a brown swamp here (my gravy and taters).

Aria loves that hes camouflaged in the orange forest.

Mikaela loves pickles, enough said.

Oh noes! Wounded!!

And STABBED by Tony.

Aria gets carnivorously gets the beast.

Show off.

Other things that happened were that we watched "The Nativity". Very good movie, I didn't like the parts where they were having babies as I avoid all those things at the moment. I was worrying about all that a week before, had gotten to the point of not thinking about it and being excited to just have a baby instead of the stuff to come before that, and last night I got home and panicked again. Tony was nice to me and said nice things and I feel a little better now. In the end I get to take home a baby and all that pain and stuff goes away, and thats all I need to think about.

My momma was all excited, she went to give me a hug and bumped into my belly. "There's a baby kangaroo in there!" she exclaimed. I was wearing my hoodie and she just thought it was loose like it normally was (not anymore). She got all excited. It was so cute. The two of us started looking at baby outlet stores in the states where they are pretty cheap. That was awesome. Now I want to know what it is so I don't have to get gender neutral colours like yellow and green. Tony is liking the green idea though :P

Oh baby, I hope we can see what you are on Wednesday.

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