Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I liked waking up and finding the shelf up with everything organized. Made me feel so happy. I also feel better about being able to store baby things in it that we accumulate.

On to breakfast! My mom better be proud of the fact that I made oatmeal from scratch instead of instant like I've been doing. Aria talked me into buying a big sack of oats yesterday while we were getting other junk.

Mmmm looks like goo. Fairly easy stuff to make too. I hope when baby starts eating food that she will love oatmeal like I did. We can have it together. I don't think Tony is a oatmeal person, I didn't make him any cause he was asleep after a long conference call with his group (school project stuff). He is a honey nut cheerios person.

Blueberries and Milk made it so good. I ended up adding only a little brown sugar to it.

When I was older I was allowed so much brown sugar . I would usually eat the brown sugar off the top first and the other stuff was "too plain". I would usually sneak more than that. My oatmeal usually left a brown sugary mess at the bottom of the bowl.

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