Thursday, January 07, 2010

Disneyland part 4, the last of the pictures that I have

Mik and I hung out for a bit, rode on a rocket ship ride, it was cute. Got to see the california theme park from up high. She looks so cute here.

When we were done our ride, we headed over to this one, the raft ride. Mom, Dad, Aria and Tony did that one. There were people dressed in rain gear. Too bad thats not gonna work. Everyone got really wet, especially their feet.

Mom and I waited for the 4 to do the screaming california roller coaster. Mom was done riding and we were almost ready to head home when Mik saw that the wait time was like nothing! SCORE! So they did her favourite ride.

This is the one I took where I was watching them all do that same ride. They loved it so much. I loved watching this roller coaster take off and hearing the screams.

This is one of the Baby's presents from us. The others still need pictures and are a little big for it, but when it gets bigger it will have them all. :)

We did the Christmas Parade and Pixar Parade as well as the fireworks on our last night. Fireworks were awesome and really blow the symphony of fire out of the water. But they do them every night and there was Christmas music and it was the night before Christmas so it made it better.

We did quick shopping and took advantage of some of the clearance stuff there. I would defiantly do this again, but not pregnant and maybe with a toddler. That was one thing that kept me smiling throughout the trip, seeing all the little girls with the princess dresses on and the boys with cute hats. If I had the money, I would drop it on a princess dress if baby was a girl. Even the Alice in Wonderland dress was awesome, but I preferred the sleeping beauty or belle ones.

It looks like we shall have to plan another drive down in a few years.

Christmas Day we went to Medieval Times. The Medieval dinner theater thing. It was the only show that day and we got there early.

Once you get there you are assigned a coloured crown which is the colour of your knight and seating section. If you get there early, you get better seats. Well, we got there super early and got awesome front row seats for our knight, the blue knight! We had no utensils and got metal plates and cups and things. It was dark, and there was jousting and a princess and an evil knight.

Its a something you have to do if you are in Anaheim. Tony loved it, he said it was like every little boys dream to go. We got to be all rowdy and eat a lot of meat and things. It was a good Christmas thing to do away from home.

And now that I have had my breakfast and my hair is dry, it is time to work out a bit and then get a coffee from somewhere that has peppermint mochas.

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