Friday, January 08, 2010

homemade marshmallows

Every craft blog and food thing I saw this Christmas was touting the ideas of making marshmallows. I even saw them with their own devoted episode on "Good Eats". Awesome show by the way if you want to learn the science behind making food. Alton Brown gets 2 thumbs up.

So I caved today. I didn't have anything really to do, and I was not about to fold the 2 huge loads of clean laundry in my hallway. I despise folding laundry. I think its the folding of small socks and finding exact matches. I never get the socks with their exact matches unless they are patterned or colourful, but white socks with grey soles and white socks with white soles match just fine to me.

I found that all I needed was gelatin and that was super easy to find. Now the recipe said to use a stand up mixer, but all I had was my hand mixer. It will be just fine...

So I boiled some ingredients and got gelatin ready, and then Tony my kitchen assistant, helped mix while I poured sugary stuff into the gelatin.

Things were going great until the stuff got thick. Really thick. Then it started creeping up my beaters. It got so high it almost hit the motor part. It was really puffy, like that marshmallow fluff in a jar. mmmm fluff

Way better than store bought stuff and awesome in our hot chocolates.

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recipe?? :) (those look just too dang good)

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