Wednesday, April 14, 2010

36 weeks

Getting bigger and bigger it seems. Still trying to go out walking, but maybe will cut down on it a bit more. I actually am curious about what my next doctors appointment will be like. Trying to cut down on the stressful things as well, but that didn't work out so well for me this morning.

This morning was particularly rough for me. I was trying to get some tax stuff sorted out from 2 years ago that needed to be dealt with. It was hard because it involved Tony's school stuff and forms I had no idea about. I ended up crying in frustration on the phone with the poor CRA person on the other end. It was so frustrating not knowing what to ask or what to say. I hated it when people did that to me on the phones, and even more hated it when they passed the phone to someone else without explaining. I did all that today. I felt so frustrated and confused I tried not to cry but it happened. I just handed Tony the phone and walked away. Tony ended up figuring out what the lady wanted and what he needed to fill out. Now after that whole ordeal, I just have to mail in some stuff and we should be all set.

Got to withdraw from school asap. That is something that I am going to get done tomorrow.

Tony has been talking to the baby when he feels it moving around. He thinks its funny that baby "purposefully" kicks his hand. Hes getting more excited I think. Its been feeling a lot like baby is taking over, and shes not even out yet. I think about her way more now and it feels like now that I am off from school, its all I have to talk about :P  I need something to do. I have some mugs and things that are almost done and I am planning on a Michael's trip on the weekend when its cheaper on transit.

Top model is on tonight as well as its baking night. Lemon squares

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