Friday, September 03, 2010

me and my stroopies

I've been starting my day off "right" for the last few days by having tea and a stroopie. What are stroopies you ask? Well, they are the most amazing tea biscut things ever made.

They are a dutch treat that you eat with your tea. Its a waffle cookie with syrup sandwiched in the middle.They are sold at Multipack (the best little deli in Chilliwack). You walk in their store the smell can really hit you. It smells like weird meats. Once you are used to it, you will find a vast array of dutch newspapers and magazines, crazy meats like headcheese and liver spread as well as amazing cheeses and a section of imported packaged foods from Holland.

I love looking at all the really weird canned things like herring, sardines and head cheeses. Wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole. I love their cheeses. Sometimes in the cooler you will find an "assorted cheese" pack. It doesn't tell you what cheese is inside, its always a surprise. We've had smoked gouda, swiss, something weird, something creamy and cheddar the last time we got a pack.

Anyways, I've gotten distracted by all this. So I start off by making a hot cup of tea. Add my milk and 1 tsp of sugar and then on top of the cup I place my stroopie. Aria was the one to teach me this trick, bless her. The steam softens the waffle slightly. You gotta flip it and do the other side. Then its ready for dunking.

Yes the package advertises that it contains 12% butter. Its like its a good thing. Oh well, I wont be eating them all the time. I did buy 2 packs to take home as I don't have a dutch deli near my place.  They will sit in my cupboard and wait for company to come for tea, or maybe I can try to save them for Christmas. Ohhh Christmas treat., had my one today. I'm done for now...

In other news, I am so happy blogger has a blog designer. No more of this tinkering with HTML to make my layout work. Just a few clicks and I am good to go. YAY. A new blog makeover for me will happen. I am so sick of my current one.

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heidi said...

i should hire you to makeover my blog, you are so good at it. i'm afraid if i tinker with mine anymore i'll lose it completely to cyber space.

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