Thursday, September 02, 2010

a nice getaway

So this last week we've been away at Chilliwack. Its been so nice to relax and play with the little girl, go shopping and eat yummy food.

We ate and ate and ate. There was butter chicken and rice one night, then beautiful sockeye salmon. Tony and I had an anniversary dinner at Greek Islands. We visited with the family. 

We met up with Tony's mom and sister and headed out to the lake. It was getting dark but we still wanted to hang out at the lake for a bit. 

I wore Aria's swimsuit (surprised that it fit, --a good thing) but it was too cold for me to jump in. I am a big chicken when it comes to that. 

Little girl wore the warmest clothes that I brought. They were a mishmash of pink pants, purple flowered hoodie and her best green knee socks. I haven't found socks quite like these ones. They are the only ones that stay on her. I really want some of them for me. They look super warm and toasty.

She was pretty well behaved...

and then she got upset. We tired her out all day with the non stop company and playing. 

Beth was brave enough to face the cold. She is awesome. 

She was zonked by then and fell asleep. More to come later. Needing to write down ideas for some crafty things.

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