Monday, October 04, 2010

4 Stories: Food

One: Borscht

My Grandma would make this for us when we came over for lunch. It also came with homemade buns, REAL butter and maybe cheese. I didn't care for this soup as much, it had "things" in it. Cabbage, big stewed tomatoes and was not at all like vegetable soup from a can. When I moved away from home, I started craving foods that I would eat at home. I appreciated those foods, especially homemade soups. They are one of my ultimate comforty foods. This weekend we had company over and I made it for them. Kinda wanted to share the foods that I grew up with that are a little different than the norm. I filled my 2 biggest pots full of soup and in the end, we finished the biggest one. That's good though, cause that means awesome leftovers for me this week.

Two: Favorite

Its hard to pinpoint a favorite food, but if I had to it would be mashed potatoes and gravy. I know they are kind of 2 foods, but they are the best. When I was younger, I would eat leftover mashed potatoes and gravy for almost every meal if I could. Usually I would run out of gravy before the mashed potatoes though. That was sad times.

Three: Breakfast

I have never ever EVER been a typical breakfast girl. When I was young, I hated toast. I seemed to remember that we had it a lot and eventually I got to make my own breakfast. Unlike Tony who eats cereal or typical breakfast foods, I went straight for the leftovers. Cold pizza was the best breakfast. I don't even heat it up. In high school I would eat ice cream, or cold meatloaf. Never cereal. The only breakfast food I will eat for breakfast now is probably oatmeal. If I cook Tony breakfast like eggs, I will have some, but otherwise, its whatever is handy in my fridge.

Four: Birthdays

So the tradition is, on your birthday you can ask mom for what you want her to cook you for dinner. For me, this is a pretty awesome deal. Unlike my summer siblings who have to choose foods that are not prepared in an oven, I get free range kinda on what I can have. This is why I love March birthdays. One time my momma asked if I wanted turkey dinner for a birthday dinner. WHAT???? Make my favourite meal not on a holiday???? OH HECK YES! Chicken cordon bleu? SURE! So you summer babies may have awesome weather on your birthdays, but I get the awesome food.

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