Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just playing around

Grandma R bought Sadie some toys this weekend. Teething keys (which she is getting used to) as well as a cute elephant that laughs and vibrates. She claimed that as her own right away by slobbering all over his face and trunk. Nobody really wanted to handle it after she was through with him. He was soaked. The elephant was named Cedric by Kathryn. I like it. 

This morning she got to her tummy mostly by herself. I had her on her side and she went and flipped to her tummy like it was nothing. It has taken forever for her to do it on her own. This girl just couldn't get her arms out of the way.

Her hair has red highlights, its not as red as it is in the picture. I kinda wish it was though. Ginger babies are awesome! 

She's been having a rough couple days. Her poor teeth hurt so bad she would cry and gnaw on her fingers. She was so sore. I gave her some baby tylenol last night and it helped. Poor little gums. I sure wish these teeth would pop out, but knowing my luck, they will probably do this for a while longer yet. Sad times for her mouth. 

Need to get some ribbon for one of my Christmas decorations and then I will post it. To the Dollar Store!


heidi said...

i may have told you this already, but see if you can find hyland's brand teething tablets at your local drugstore. they are all natural and dissolve instantly on baby's tongue. i think if i hadn't have had those with my 2 boys, i could have easily gone through 50 containers of baby tylenol!

and oh! she is so stinkin CUTE!

Miranda said...

I havent seen any at my crappy safeway, but I will be checking superstore the next time I am out there.

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