Saturday, October 23, 2010

no pictures yet, just pickles

I have attempted to make fridgerator sweet pickles today. Back at the extended family thanksgiving in september, my Aunty Dar brought the pickles. Not just any pickles, sweet pickles. I have for forever hated sweet pickles. Thought they were so gross. I have always preferred dill ones. Mmm crunchy garlicy dill pickles, maybe even a little spicy. "Well" I told myself, "its been a long time since I've tried sweet ones, and these are not the typical store bought ones".

Skeptically, I popped one in my mouth...It was like "AHHH, what have I been missing?!" Throughout the evening, I was eating those pickles. More like devouring them.

Since that dinner, I've been thinking about those pickles. I wont get the store ones, I just dont like them. All I've wanted was Aunty Dar's Pickles. Since she has the internet now (yay!) I sent a request for her recipe and was pleased to try it out today.

These are not the canning ones (canning by myself scares me), they sit in the fridge and cure there. Stirring once every day for 5 days before they are ready. I don't know how they will turn out. They tease me sitting there, in their huge container. I will let you know how they turned out in 5 days.

What else did I do today? Well, I did lots of dishes, got groceries, made more crafts. I cant find my button wreath, so sad :( I know its somewhere under a mountain of craft crap, but its hiding. Baby practiced sitting today. I used the nursing pillow as a support for her and she sat and played all nicely while I did the dishes until I heard a "waaaaaa" whine. Turns out she was not as steady in that pillow and tipped over on her face. Shes a tough girl, didn't cry, just whined until I up-righted her.

I promise there will be Sadie pictures tomorrow momma. My momma is dying to see us, its been a few weeks since our last visit.

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