Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stuff I Love [etsy]

 Silver Pretty Tape. I have ordered me some red and green stuff for Christmas. So excited for it to come.

Antique Silver Spoon Ring . Cool idea for a ring.

Totally cute Cupcake Stand. I love the little bird on top

Vintage Owl Bank. I love owls like him.


Beards! Gotta love a beard. What an awesome dress up thing.


Jennifer said...

I liked the yarn trees of course. a couple of years ago starbucks had yarn balls on their wreaths.
And I liked the spoon ring. I wear a silver spoon bracelet.

I'm off to the goodwill store to see if I can get sweaters to make into legwarmers for the dance studio.

Miranda said...

I like the yarn ball idea too. I have some styrofoam balls I could do up with yarn.

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