Friday, December 10, 2010

oh we are going to play dress up today

My momma washed all her baby clothes that she saved from us and most turned out great. Sadie is wearing a yellow sweater that used to be mine. Shes very cute in it. Yellow is so pretty on her.

We are out in chilliwack this weekend. Tony is the best man at his friends wedding. Its up at Harrison at one of the fancy hotels. I am borrowing Aria's dress and stuff to look pretty in (its a sexy black dress). Today I must buy pretty shoes and decide on whether or not we bring the baby to the wedding. I think we might just bring her, as long as she naps on the way up. Shes pretty good with sleeping wherever, so she could always sleep in her carseat at the reception. I brought all her pretty dresses, so we will try on those and my old ones and see what she ends up in. I even have fancy little stockings with ruffle bum on them.

I have decided that all baby girls should have ruffle bum things. To go without is a crime in my opinion. I also like dressing her up in dresses. When she was little I only owned one dress for her, now I have lots.

I brought the camera and intend on using it this weekend (now lets see if I go through with this plan as I always bring my camera and then hardly use it here).

Miranda's List of Pictures to take this weekend:

1. Manger scene in the front yard
2. Pretty tree -- left camera card at home
3. Baby fashion show
4. Wedding -- left camera card at home
5. Me in my sexy black dress -- left camera card at home *le sigh*
6. Baby and the family

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