Wednesday, December 08, 2010

yarn monster

 Whilst crocheting my latest project, I felt that the tension in my yarn got really tight. How could this be? I put it on the floor far enough from her.

She managed to roll / pull herself towards it. She got her mischievous little hands all in it and then this happened.

 My hungry little yarn monster. 

So shes kinda gotten more mobile as of last night when she realized that she can roll to get at forbidden things on the floor. Things like my now slobbered on cell phone, and the remote. She only goes so far though, so if its across the room, she cant get to it...yet. We will see if she picks up on this and rolls around the apartment. If so, I got a ton of baby proofing yet to do.

I cant post the picture of the project I am making as its a gift, but later I will, after the many Christmas's we are going to. :)

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