Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pickle Fiend

This was her first taste of a delicious dill pickle. First she had to figure it out. Flick it, wiggle it, squeeze it (pickle juice everywhere) and then taste it. She loved it. She played with it, but mostly it stayed in her mouth until I had to take it away.

It got mushy and started to look pretty hazerdous to her health. I took it away and it was like her world ended. There were big sad crocodile tears and much whining. Alas child, it had to be. Soon distracted with my cell phone, and she was over it.

A couple days ago, we went out to White Spot for dinner. I was silly and forgot some toys for her. Shes easily entertained, but that evening, she figured out that she could entertain herself (and possibly the whole restraunt), but yelling. She loved it. She hollered, and squealed with delight when everyone at our table, and the surrounding ones looked at her. We fixed that by feeding her dinner of peaches, but she was done lightening fast and back to yelling.

Beth's pickle fixed everything. She was entertained long enough so I could eat. When the pickle was dead, she played with a spoon and was content. Thank you Beth for the use of your pickle.


Fiona said...

Liam is also a serious pickle lover. My mom complains they have no nutritional value, but he likes them so much I can't deprive him!

hello deer! said...

baby snooki!

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