Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And the baby is.....

A little baby boy! The ultrasound went well. Baby seemed cooperative enough today. I teared up a bit when she told us what it was. I kinda figured it would be a boy. I'd been eyeing boy things and clothes and such as soon as we found out. I was thrilled, more for Tony. When he found out, he was super excited, well, as excited as you can be when you are living on 5 hours of sleep.

On the way home, I was so giddy. Thinking of tiny baby things and shopping and stuff.

Sadie was such a good girl. She got to see her little brother on the screen. She just sat there and babbled a bit while the ultrasound tech was showing us the baby's head and heart and "extra bits". She had no idea. She wont have a clue until hes here. That's ok.

There he is!

Oh, and other news, I dont think I mentioned it, but Tony has been applying for jobs. He really was hoping to get one at the last place he was at as a co-op student (BC Genome Science Center), and he went to the interview and everything. The part that was scary was that it took forever for him to get in touch with his references.  We've been praying a lot about this job. He kind of set all his hopes on getting this job, and then got really depressed when he thought ht wouldnt get it. He tends to over analyze things, and got really really bummed.

Today he found out he got the job! So relieved!

This should have been on my checklist of things to get done before baby #2 arrives, but its added on there now.

Tony got a job
Pack crafting stuff (almost done, need more boxes)
Have a weekend away
Move to a 2 bdrm place
Marriage course
Finish Sadie's blanket

So lots of news today. Now I'm getting ready to move. Packing and looking for a place are going to be happening.


Cherie said...

THAT IS SO EXCITING! Miranda that is awesome! And tell Tony Congrats on the job, that I bet is a big relief too! Hope the rest of your moving goes well!


misslarissabree said...

you have no idea how ecstatic i am!!!

Cherrypopz said...

Yay! A little boy! Welcome to the blue team :)

heidi said...

i am thrilled for you guys that you're having a BOY and that tony got the job he wanted!! josh and i started out in a crappy little crackerbox and the nice thing about that is you can only move up from there! now any place bigger than your's is now will seem like a palace :)

next time you're heading to chilliwack, let my mom know so that you can grab that bag of clothes from her, i hope you like them!

Miranda said...

I will for sure let your momma know so that we can grab your bag of clothes! I'm so excited!

Tamara said...

Yay Miranda! So excited for you and your little growing family :)

Grandma J. said...

So happy for you all! Congratulations on the baby boy. Congratulations too on Tony's job - he has worked hard to get where he is and will be awesome at this new adventure. Blessings to you.

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