Sunday, April 10, 2011

First owie

This week was beautiful in terms of weather. It barely rained, and it made for excellent park weather. Sadie and I went to the park with a snack. To her delight, the private school just down let a class of theirs play out at the park. She got to be in the swing next to some of the big kids, and well! That made her day. She screamed at them with excitement, and I'm sure the little 5th grader girl next to her thought this baby is crazy.

She waved at them as they left (waving is her new thing). We tried out the slide, at which point, Tony met up with us. I found that if you let her go by herself, she wouldnt shoot off the edge of the slide. I kept telling Tony, just let her go, she'll be fine! Well the one time Tony lets her go, she decides to turn onto her tummy and rammed her mouth into the side of the slide.

There were tears and a little blood, and it lasted all of a minute. Tony kept telling me "Miranda, we're terrible parents". He felt awful. I tried to explain that its not a big deal if she stops crying and is happy. Her mouth looked fine, she just had bit her lip a bit and had a scratch under her nose. He still feels bad.  Thank goodness those teeth aren't all the way down yet.

So that's her first park owie story. We had a good time playing with kitchen utensils.

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