Saturday, May 21, 2011

new old treasures

Best way to spend a rainy day? I think so.

My mom had stored a lot of our childhood books under the stairs, and today, she braved the cobwebs and overwhelming amount of Christmas boxes to bring them out. We found so many wonderful treasures for her to read when shes bigger, as well as some to read to her now.

We found the whole set of Beatrix Potter books, Dear Garbage Man (most pollitically incorrect book from the 50's about filling swamps with garbage) as well as my moms Dr Seuss books. The best thing that she found were my Little Suzy books that my grandparents gave me.They were based on a christian radio series in the 40's. I have read most of them, and they are super cool. I'll show pictures of them later when someone brings them up for me.


This last week has been good. Sadie has been having teeth issues,and the last 3 days was waking up multiple times per night much to Tony's dismay. He has still not gotten used to waking up at night and hes tired and grouchy. I've talked to him about letting her cry herself to sleep, but I want to wait to do that later on a bit, like when we arent sharing a bedroom with the little girl. I cant deal with screaming in my room. Last night though was so nice, she only woke up once, and slept from 9:00 to 7:45. Lets just say, everyone is much happier due to more consistant sleep.

We dont look forward to lack of sleep with baby boy, but thats just how its gonna be.

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carolyn and steve said...

Those books sound WAY TOO COOL! I am glad that you left a comment on our blog - I am enjoying reading your blog now too. What a sweetie you have, and a boy on the way - how awesome!! I am glad that you are able to kick back and relax at times. Your spot in your next post looks perfect.
Thanks for reading our blog.

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