Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogging for mama while she's away - Hello Little Deer

Hello everyone! I'm coley and blog at Hello little deer! we are currently blogging for beautiful mama miranda while she is away with her beautiful new little one (gorgeous older one)!

today i'm sharing a little DIY project i've made a few times! These are fabric rose magnets that anyone can make, all you need is:


1. Candle
2. %100 polyester fabric ( i have a pink organza here)
3. Scissors
4. Beads or rhinestones ( your pick )
5. Thread
6. matches or something to light the candle with
7. needle
8. small magents
9. white glue or glue gun

First you cut a few squares, all of different sizes. You can cut as many as you want to and make it big or small! make sure to round the corners off:


once you have your squares cut out, hold them over the candle to burn (ruffle) the edges. repeat this process for all of your squares and arrange them withing each other as you'd like:


now you'll need to thread your needle to sew them in place. I like to use beads for the center but i've also used rhinestones!


glue your magnet on the back and VOILA! I have them in a variety of colours on my fridge, they're chic & pretty & easy to boot!


Thanks for reading, feel free to stop by hello little deer for more! well wishes to our beautiful friend and her new family member! we love you.

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