Monday, August 22, 2011

The Hospital Survival Kit for my husband

Its the day before "the big day". I'm a big crazy mess. Hardly slept last night. Woke up every couple hours from the same scary hospital dream, and then tried to get it out of my brain by watching a show on the iphone. That didn't work. I just ended up more frustrated and more tired. 5:50 am rolled around, and I was up before my 6am alarm. Grumpily, I had a shower, and as its been raining, I attempted to put on socks and shoes. Lets just say that shoes are not my style right now, and with that, I put on flip flops and braved the rain.

I was early to my appointment, so I did a little crocheting, chatted with the nurse. They asked me a million questions about my medical history, and then we did the fun part. Got hooked up to the heart rate monitors and listened to babys heart rate. I got to click the button every time he moved, and boy did he move. He impressed the nurse who was there asking me questions. Funny boy. Blood was taken, and then I was set free until tomorrow.

When I got home, I figured I'd pack up my version of a Hospital Survival Kit. Its for Tony, but hes required to share some of the treats I packed. 

This is what I packed:

Wired Magazine - geek type magazine for Tony (I like it too)
2 Dairy Milk chocolate bars for my chocoholic husband
Starbucks Frappachino Drinks cause if I couldnt sleep last night, I wont be able to sleep tonight
Starbucks Via iced something or other
Fibre 1 bars (for me)
Fruit and Veggie bars

With all the coffee, he should be set for staying up with me at night...maybe.

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heidi said...

oh miranda, i've been thinking of you lots and will be praying for you especially tomorrow. what time is the c-section scheduled for? lots of love and hugs

Cin said...

oh man I love those fibre bars!

Lots of luck and love!

Miranda said...

We have to get to the hospital by 630 am :P Thank you for praying. I'm totally stressed out.

Cherrypopz said...

Everything will be fine :) You'll be holding your baby boy soon. We'll be waiting for a picture :D

Miranda said...

Oh, pictures will happen tomorrow!

Danielle said...

Good luck Miranda, to you and your family!! Praying for a safe delivery!!! So exciting! I read your blog everytime you post it to FB, and I'm looking forward to reading your updates about your new arrival!! Boys are wonderful, so happy for you. Congrats! Thinking of you!!! Xoxo

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