Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last childless date (for a long time)

So today Tony and I went on our last childless date. Sadie is out at my parents place, and after sleeping in (until 8:30 am!!!) We got ready and headed out to the Kids Market on Granville Island. Go figure, we're without any kids, and we head off to the kids market to buy some toys for the little ones. I have wanted to buy Sadie some blocks for a while, and not just the stupid foam ones that I've seen. We wandered around, and saw some of the best toys EVER! No, we did not buy darth vader...  :(
Tony and I tested out some toys, and saw some awesome ones that we used to play with. We could have spent so much there. I know we over spent on some, but its so hard not to.

Playing with all the toys was awesome. We had a blast! Afterwards, we had fish and chips for lunch at the public market. Took some pictures of all the pretty fruits and veggies, it was really busy, so we didn't buy much in there. Tony wants to go back though sometime. He hasnt explored Granville Island like I have, and his opinion of it is now totally different. On our way home, we had slurpees, mine was pepsi, and it was the perfect way to combat the heat.

We came home with a set of wooden blocks like the ones I used to play with, a Chewbacca stuffie (to go with the storm trooper we have already), a learning toy that Tony picked out, and an ugly doll for the little boy.

It was a wonderful date. Tomorrow is my hospital appointment for bloodwork/paperwork and baby monitoring, and then Tuesday is THE DAY! AHHHHHHH!

How was your weekend? Anything new happen?

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Tamara said...

There is a really good toy store on Commercial Drive called Dilly Dally (I think?) and they have those alphabet blocks IN OTHER LANGUAGES! I don't know why this excites me so. I want the Swedish ones.

amyschmamey said...

What a cute date! I want some fish and chips now! GAH! :)

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