Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Sadie

You are growing up so fast little girl! 14 months old, and almost a big sister.

You walk everywhere, and when you get excited and run, you look a little like a drunken sailor. Its adorable.When we go outside, you are still hesitant about walking on the grass, but you love touching flowers, and eating rocks and sand.

You love to mimmick noises, but you still refuse to mimmick words. You say Dada, Guy guy guy and mama. Once you said Cat Cat Kitty! You will try and tweet at the bird. You now point at the things you want instead of screeching at me for things.

I love watching you read books. I'll find you quietly reading in a corner with a pile of books. I've even found you after a nap quietly reading the small books in your bed.

You are still working on being gentle. I'm sure it will take time, but hopefully your brother wont get loved too hard by you. You show love by putting your head against your daddy's or my head, and then you rub it against our heads.Your kisses are still a little vampiric, you tend to use your teeth to gnaw a little on our faces.

Sadie girl, you've been testing my patience. If you're told not to touch something, you will touch it with your head instead of your trouble making hands. You love to try and climb things, couches, chairs, and collapsed strollers. It results in many bruises and tears. You've survived the falls, and bumps though, and I'm sure there will be so many more.

You can find belly buttons, noses, and eyes, but will you do it on command? Not on your life. Only when you feel like it. You do the running over song, and try itsy bitsy spider.

The other day on our way home from the store, you waved at everyone on the way out. You waved just like the queen would. It was adorable.

I love you Sadie-pie, soon to be big sister


misslarissabree said...

I can not believe how big she is now! Shes turning into a little girl!

Miranda said...

I know, shes not my baby anymore :'( I love that shes content to sit on a chair and look at books. I hope she turns out to be a reader.

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