Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're home

We were discharged from the hospital this morning after making sure that Lucas wasn't too jaundice. He's a little yellow, but is pooping a lot and eating pretty well. Hopefully he starts looking better in a couple days when my milk comes in.

Oh, speaking of milk and such, oh my word, sore nipples! I never had an issue like this with Sadie, but man, they are blistered. I'm not at all used to having an "eater". Sadie was a terrible eater-kinda us still, but this boy means business.

Need to get some cream for these bad boys ASAP.

That is all for now. We're making the trip to chilliwack to stay with my parents. Tony leaves on Saturday to start working again.

I am being summoned for by the little boy. Food time!


Melanie said...

I've been praying along your journey and am so thrilled Lucas is here and you are both happy and healthy. Well you are mostly healthy... My neighbour swears by camomile ointment for blisters. She said they were healed the next day. The pharmacy I get my prescription cream at (for cracks not blisters) said they have something that works even better than the camomile...but I forget what it's called. Sorry! I need more cream soon though, so will let you know when I go there if either of those work for me. Praying you heal quickly!

Nae said...

Awww, wat a cutie!! Do u guys have Lansinoh over there? Its a natural lanolin ointment that's just amazing on cracked and chaffed nipples!! And its safe for baby so u can use it wenever, and if that doesnt work iv heard that the nipple shields are amazing!!

heidi said...

hey miranda! ava has been my most voracious eater yet. it took about until week 2 before my cracked nipples felt much better, which may sound like forever to you right now, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. now they only get sore if she has an improper latch.

i'm guessing you won't be at james and jacelyn's wedding next week? cuz ava and i will!! my mom just booked our tickets and we're flying up for the weekend. would love to see you there IF you feel up to it :)

amyschmamey said...

Ummmmm He is so adorable! Such a chunk! I am so not looking forward to the whole breast feeding bit. I always get overwhelmed and stressed out. I hope your nipplies feel better soon. Enjoy that cutie bundle! Mine is bumping around in my belly as I type this! 14 more weeks.

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