Monday, August 08, 2011

What do you do in a power out?

You'll see in a sec...

So last week, in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke to an explosion like sound that sounded like it came from my alley way. I sat up quietly to not disturb Sadie (the lightest sleeper ever) and realized that the fan was off, and my iphone stopped charging. That's when my sleepy head realized that the explosion was the cause of my power outtage. So at 6 am, I laid there waiting for the power to come back on, and after 5 minutes I figured it would happen soon.

Wrong. It didnt come back on for 8 hours.

Turns out, the weather was nice out that day. Like a regular summer day, not the coolish weather we had been experiencing. We were trapped in our apartment with no fans and no way of knowing when the power would come back. So when Tony woke up, we figured we'd be smart adults and do the most logical thing...Eat the ice cream for breakfast. Naturally.

Our landlord found out that the power should come back on in a couple hours. Being in need of coffee, we took Sadie out for a walk. We ended up having a sushi date first. It was lunch. I was hungry. Can't deprive a pregnant lady of sushi. 

 I never order edamame, but I changed it all up. yum soy beans.
 Sadie loved the edamame, and surprisingly, she also loved my gyoza filling. So I ended up eating the wrappers with soy sauce, and she ate the pork veggie fillings. When we take Sadie to restraunts, she does this thing to the waitresses. She plays coy and cute, and then the waitresses come and touch her hair, and talk to her, and then they cant stop coming by - bonus for us. But when they go home at night, I swear they'll end up pregnant. Tony thinks that I got pregnant from seeing the most adorable baby ever at a restraunt one time. He thinks an egg dropped right then.

I should call this "The Sadie Effect", although I have yet to see pregnant waitresses waddling around.
See? Hungry pregnant lady. Just writing this post makes me want more sushi. We took a stroll after sushi for an iced coffee and on our way back home, I checked my phone to see when the power was supposed to come back on. Instead of finding that out, we saw that BC Hydro was fixing the outtage near our place. Turns out, they had to replace an entire power pole right behind our apartment building. No wonder the explosion was so loud and scary.

We got home, and our power was on (it only affected our street and the next one) , and the remainder of the ice cream was only a little melty, everything else was ok. I was so relieved as we had just done a huge grocery shopping trip the day before. 

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