Sunday, August 07, 2011

[baby update] 37 weeks

Ok, so this is a baby update a few days early only because I normally now do them after every doctors appointment. So last night, I was sleeping, and woke up not feeling well. Like cramping pain, and such. I figured it would go away, or if it was anything, it would be a rougue contraction. Well, those "rougue" contractions started happening more often. After a couple hours, I timed them, cause what the hell. I was debating going to the hospital, but then I realized that with Sadie, I had these too, and they went away after a few hours. Well, it was a little disappointing, they went away. I probably should have gone in, but in my tired brain, I figured that it would be more hassle to get up, get someone over to babysit, and then go in to the hospital.

So the contractions disappeared like I figured. It took a few hours though, so I'm tired. Sadie woke up only once last night and then she slept until 8 - so nice of her. If they come back though, I'm gonna head to the hospital because I shouldnt let things progress too far.

So little boy, are you going to be early now? I have a feeling you will be.

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misslarissabree said...

you can call me if you need to ! like if you need someone to wait with her till your parents come or something!

carolyn and steve said...

so close to meeting your little guy!!!! super exciting!

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