Thursday, August 04, 2011

[baby update] 36 weeks and 5 days

Today was the big appointment to take out my cerclage. I was a big ball of nerves all the way there.When I'm nervous, I pick at the hangnails or skin on the sides of my thumbs (gross I know). They've been bad all week, but today I made my left thumb bleed today without realizing it.  Thoughts of tugging out a stitch thats embedded in my cervix were not pleasant thoughts, not at all. I tend to let my imagination run wild with things like this.

We got in the little exam room where the nurse told me that the resident would be in to see me first. She was really nice, checked on me and baby - we're both fine. Then my doctor came in to do the procedure. *shudder* All I could think about was that I was in the exam room closest to the waiting room. If I yelled, I might alarm those poor other women, who might think their doctor was killing someone. 

My doctor explained that if it got too painful, I was to let her know. She didnt want to torture me. Very sweet of her.Tony held my hand, and she got the stitch removed and the resident got a show. I didn't yell, and it wasnt as bad as I figured. Uncomfortable as hell, and creepy to listen to her cut the stitch (which is as wide as a curling ribbon) but hey, its better than having an extra hospital visit and a needle in the spine to deal with. I'm a little sore, but nothing crazy. I expect that to go away tomorrow. Cervix is dialated 1 cm, but thats ok, cause its thick and the same length as measured in the ultrasound.

Oh, the ultrasound reports got to her today. Yay! I mentioned the lower fluid levels, and because of that, am getting an appointment booked with the hospital to get another one done before the next appointment.

So, for the next few weeks, I've made it a rule that I'm not going to carry Sadie to her naps, and I'm gonna avoid doing a lot of cooking. Score for having ice-cream in the freezer.

Things I'm thankful for:

Baby tv on youtube - keeps Sadie entertained with short clips of animals and things while I relax.
Frozen burritos - go microwave food
The big box fan - its getting hotter out, and I would melt in this greenhouse of an apartment without it
Parks and Recreation - new show that's like the office. Just got the first 3 seasons, and I'm on season 2
Project Runway - So excited!
For my family - who prays for me throughout all these crazy procedures and appointments.  
My mother in law - she watches my Sadie so that I dont have to lug her to my appointments.
My husband - who calms me down from being super stressed, and who takes care of us after working all day

Still am nervous about the c-section, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm gonna try and stop worrying as much. Its nice to have some new (to me) tv shows to watch to keep my over active imagination from freaking me out.

I'll try and take a picture of what my belly looks like tomorrow. To me, it looks like I'm trying to smuggle a beachball under my clothes.

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Anonymous said...

hey sweetie....hang in there. C-sections are easy peasy. I've had 4 in 5 years...I survived and THRIVED. Praying for you :)

Miranda said...

:) Thank you! Its so nice to know someone else who's had multiple c-sections. I mostly worry about the spinal part and recovery. How did you deal with recovery with 2-3 other little kids around?

kiki michelle said...

my dr told me if i go into natural labour before my schedualed csection that they would let me push thru it. I wonder why yours are so adament about the csection. It will be exactly one year for me between. Praying for you!

Miranda said...

Well, she told me that if I were to go into labor and progress quickly, they would let me do it, but the risks are higher that the c-section scar can rupture. I'm not comfortable with that, so I'd rather do the c-section too, its just the needle in the spine. I'd get an epidural with a non c-section. I just hate needles.

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