Monday, September 19, 2011

alone with 2 kids, yikes!

Wednesday was the first day I was home alone with both kids. Aria had her big nursing exam in vancouver, and Mik was in school. So Mik woke me up before she left for school by plunking Sadie in my bed. Sadie was just waking up as well, so we groggily watched cartoons on the iphone (I mostly dozed) until Lucas woke up.

Lucas seemed to be in a better mood that day, he was pretty peaceful, and stared at me or the trees that were blowing in the wind. He loves watching the trees outside.

Naptime was a challenge for Sadie though. That day, Sadie was going to nap in my bed because its low to the ground, and she can crawl right on up. I attempted to put her to bed a couple times, while Lucas was sleeping, but she wouldnt. Around 12, she was so tired, that when we laid in the big bed, I realized that if I paid attention to her, she'd try and stay up, so I grabbed my phone and browsed Pinterest and then 5 minutes later, I peeked at her, and there she was:

Out cold with her bum in the air.

Just as she fell asleep, Lucas woke up, almost waking her up. I whisked him outta there and fed him in the living room and then we watched crappy day time tv. At least TLC has crappy wedding shows on. 

There was a point in time when I had both children whining/screaming at me, and it surprised me that it didn't drive me crazy. I'm sure that once I'm fully alone with them both, they'll break me, but for now, I think I did ok. The hardest part was keeping Sadie out of trouble while feeding Lucas. She was mostly after the diaper garbage in my room when we were in there. yuck. 

My mom came home around 2:30, and we all headed to the Lucas' appointment for the doctor. But that's for another post.

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Joe's blog said...

SO cute

heidi said...

you're doing awesome, mama!!

Nae said...

Well done!!! I had trouble being home alone with one, I cant imagine 2!! Such beautiful kiddies!

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