Friday, September 16, 2011

I remember now why I hate moving...

Tony and I are on the hunt for a new place. 1 bedroom apartments are not good for 4 people, even if 2 of those people are less than 2 ft tall. I was all excited about looking for places, and then I realized how much work it is to find them, look at them, and then hunt some more.

Moving is gross in the normal situations, and being that Tony and I are apart 5 days a week, and I am not at home, it really REALLY SUCKS.

I've been looking at classifides and craigslist, and last weekend we went out to 6 appointments. All of which were duds. The first place was previously inhabited by hoarders. The landlord "renovating" the place admitted this to us. There was a box full of pest repellant, fly tape and paint on the floor in the entry way. I'm sure it was way worse when the hoarder lived there, but when we saw the place, it was pretty bad. There was a makeshift shed in the backyard that looked like the hoarder had taken scrap wood from everywhere, and built himself some storage for his stuff. The yard still had remments of things all over. Ya, no thanks.

Most of the other places we saw were too far away from groceries and such, and transit was mostly shuttle buses. Not good.

One of the last places we saw was asking for $1100 bucks, and upon entering, a waft of garbage smell hit us. Gross. The stink came from the garage. I figured for $1100 you'd get a nice looking place, but this place didn't have a tub, or baseboards, or a properly boarded up part of wall.

So hopefully our luck will change this weekend. I've got a few appointments made, not as many as last weekend, cause I'm more picky and careful with what we're going to see. We'll be driving around more and looking less on craigslist, so I'm hopeful.

Dear God, please find us a home.

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misslarissabree said...

moving really sucks. I hope you find a place and dont live in the boonies

Anonymous said...

Tony and Miranada
The Lord knows all your needs and will help you find the place that he sees is right for you. Just trust all the way as you walk step by step. I will be praying for you. Lord you know the place that you have for them, I do ask that you would show them where it is. Thank you for his in Jesus name.

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