Friday, September 23, 2011

 It was around the time that I found out I was pregnant with Lucas that I realized that I'd have 2 babies in diapers at the same time. It also hit me that we'd be paying twice the amount for diapers and wipes per month. That did not sit well with me. It was already expensive to buy diapers for one kid, let alone think about the cost for 2.

So I did some research. I figured we'd be moving after Lucas was born, and I figured that we'd probably have our own washer and dryer by then, so I looked into what it costs to use cloth diapers. Poop didn't gross me anymore, so as long as I knew how to take care of these diapers, we'd be in good shape.

Oh man, who knew there'd be so many different types of diapers and things? I spent late nights on bedrest looking up these things, checking different sites, and brands.

The ones that appealed to me the most were the fuzzibunz and bum genius one size fits all diapers. Don't have to buy all kinds of seperate sizes, and they seemed the easiest for me to get used to. I bought one, but realized that in order for me to give this thing a go, I'd need to buy enough for at least a day. Since they were kinda pricey, I hunted for bargins on craigslist. You know, diapers that were given to someone as a gift and were never/hardly used. After a couple weeks, I managed to get 6 diapers.

So yesterday, I put her in only cloth diapers for the day. It wasn't bad. The only thing I made a mistake on was leaving her in one for too long, and oops, her onesie got a little wet. Pretty much just gotta check them every hour or 2. Since these guys already cause a lot of laundry, I'm not opposed to doing diapers as long as I have my own washer and dryer.

The Diaper Pin website was also a really nice thing to show Tony. It calculates the cost of disposables vs cloth diapers. He's more of a fan now than he was before. He doesnt like the smell factor of the diapers. Smell wasn't that bad in my opinion.

I'll be really testing these out when I move home. If I can manage one kid, I'll do both. this also means buying more diapers, but thats not bad as long as I do it in small amounts, or find more craigslist scores.

Have any of you used cloth diapers before? 
What were your thoughts on them? 
Did you find a specific brand that worked well? 
Let me know your thoughts on all this.

I'll be making a follow up post on my progress with using cloth diapers.

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Nicole said...

We "invested" in cloth diapers. I found a local lady who sells them out of her home and we went there for an info session. It was really helpful cause she explained all the different types and pros/cons of each. We bought the "soft bums" one size (6-35lbs) with microfiber inserts. I really like that you just change the insert and can reuse the cover a couple times (unless there's major leakage). I'm not sure how I feel about using them yet since we don't have a little bum to put in them yet. I was drawn in by the whole "costs will be equal to disposables by 6 months" and that we can use them for "all" our kids.

amyschmamey said...

I want to do cloth diapers, but with going to school, I think I'd be taking too much on. I think they are so much cuter and less gross too! Good luck!

Nae said...

We've done the same thing your doing! We purchased 5 cloth diapers (BabyFirst brand)to start with which is only just enough to cover bubs for one 24 hour period if i do a wash a day (this is necessary with all the dribbling at the mo').
The ones we bought fit from 4 months to potty age and are really easy to adjust the size for both the waistband and the legs.
They (the company) do recommend double lining with the inners (each nappy came with 2 inners, but we ended up buying an extra 4 to cover nights). We found as well though, that because they require more frequent changes that when Lachy sleeps through (7 hours +) he wets through both inners, the outer and his outfit too (occasionally the bed)!! I'm not sure what to do with this as i don't want to interrupt his long sleeps, but i'd like to continue with the cloth overnight (we're still using disposables at night to keep him dry during those long sleeps).
Cleaning them is easy too, (although one has stained a bit with a hugely explosive poo), i can't wait till we have some sunny days so i can hang them in some sunshine!!
How are you managing the long night sleeps? Are you having this issue at all? And how is the breastfeeding going for you? Good Luck with your nappies!!

Miranda said...

Haven't tried cloth at night yet, she needs a change a night w disposables so I might get some hemp inserts and double them up. Bought a cheapie pocket diaper from eBay and another kawaii one to see if I like them. I'll do another post again on this.

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