Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sadie Loves...

Hiding behind my legs when she meets new people
Eating bites of apple or pepper, chewing them, and spitting them out
"Kissing" Lucas (she licks his face)

To throw herself on the floor (hitting her head on the floor) when she's scolded
Headbutting Aria when she's mad at her
Wiggling her tounge back and forth
Trying to make a *POP* sound by pulling her finger out of her mouth
Feeding you her food

Corn on the cob and farmer sausage
Being tickled on her ribs and under her arms
Listening to her glow worm sing lullabies to her before naptime
Toppling towers of blocks that momma makes
Touching forbidden cellphones
Throwing tupperware on the kitchen floor and smiling

Happy 16 months Sadie!

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Nae said...

Soooo Gorgeous!!

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