Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Lucas,

I can't believe you're one month old now. You've gotten back up past your birth weight, and love to eat. Some days all  you want to do is eat eat eat!

You are in the 50th percentile for weight and height. You've been thinning out a bit, but not terribly. Everyone tells us that you look just like your daddy. You've got his awesomly spikey hair. I love it. It tickles my chin when I hold you up to burp you.

You are such a strong little boy. Since you were a week or 2 old, you've been very good at holding your head up. You are very good at tummy time, turning your head back and forth, holding it up, and looking about. You are also focusing more on things, and people. You especially love watching your sister play, and looking at the trees outside.

Sleeping is hard for you. You just want to be held. You also can't help the fact that you are sore from all the gas. Poor tummy. When you do sleep though, you snore, and grunt. I call you Lucas "Grunter" Raymond. You are the noisest sleeper. 

You love bath time, although, not the getting in or out parts, just the being in the water parts. You didn't even mind when I spilt water on your face. You just blinked at me. I hope you are a water baby too, cause you and your sister will have a blast together when you're older.

You also really like your bouncy seat. Your sister loves to bounce you in it, but she's not allowed to anymore. She's not gentle enough to bounce lightly.

Happy 1 month little boy!

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