Friday, October 28, 2011

House tour: Kitchen / Dining Area

Since moving, the first room I've unpacked completely was the kitchen/dining room area. It was so much fun. I mean, everything has a place now Its not all crammed into tiny places all mishmashed together. Also, I have been lent this beauty for a while. She's just wonderful. You havent really lived until you've baked a batch of cookies with one of these. I'm already want one of my own now.
I have a normal sized oven! Hurrah!
 Isnt this the most prettiest dish you ever did see? While unpacking the kitchen, I found a small unmarked box that I did not pack. Curious, I opened it and found new kids clothes (thanks momma) and under all that, I found this and another casserole dish. I have been on the hunt for vintage pyrex, and never thought I'd ever have one of this set. Its my favorite set of all, and there it was in my kitchen. You should have seen me, bouncing around like a kid at Christmas. I couldnt believe it. I called my mom thinking she had bought it for me at a thrift store and packed it with new clothes for the kids. Nope, she didn't buy it. She got it from my grandma in Alberta who they visted the week before. My mom mentioned to her that I needed casserole dishes, and my grandma went to her cupboard and grabbed 2 of hers for me. This was one of them. I so miss my grandma. She has some mail coming her way soon!
 Fridge, big enough to store all the groceries that I need.
I love my ikea cube shelf. Sadie has her toys in the bottom boxes, and books up a little higher.

Sadie and Lucas' toys. Ugh, didn't realize that her giraffe is looking kinda grody on its feet. Laundry time!
This little book is Tootles the Taxi. Sadie is not allowed to play with this one. It sits on the higher shelves. It was mine and my sisters when we were little. Came from the discard bin from a public library. My mom would do all the voices for the different cars and trucks and things. Awesome book.

So thats my kitchen dining room tour. I'll try and clean up more to show you the rest of the place.

Oh, and did you really think my house was that clean? Its all trickery and deceit. See...

I wont even show you the living room -- which has a laundry basket and laundry thrown all over the floor courtesy of Sadie.

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heidi said...

aren't moms (and grandmas) the best?? love the look of your new place so far! so happy that you have found a place to make your home.

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