Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Lucas

2 months old already!

You're not as fussy as you used to be. You still love to be held though, and you love laying in my lap when I sit crosslegged on the couch.

You are very much a morning baby. I get to listen to you talk in the mornings, its wonderful! Ahhh gooo is the cutest noise you make.

You're growing into 3-6 month clothes, and I'm sure that in no time you'll out weigh your sister.

I adore your sticky uppy hair, it tickles my chin when I hold you.

Your sister loves you, she tries to help with you. I've caught her trying to give your eye or nose a soother when you are upset. She also desperatly wants to hold you some days. I'm sure you'll be good buddies.

She loves you so much, she wants to share everything with you.

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