Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sorry its been a while, we've moved and are finally getting all settled in. Moving was stressful, and took a while. We ended up finding a lot of stupid little things that needed fixing when we moved in, for example, doors that were broken, all the door knobs are loose, and stuff like that. I like this place though. I'm most excited about the kitchen. Its big and has a dishwasher. I've only been doing dishes by hand since 2003, so its awesome. My glasses only sparkled like this when they came out of the box. When I washed them and put them away, I had to stand back and admire them, all pretty like.

There's also a washer and dryer! Both kiddlets are in cloth diapers (except at night), and so far its no big deal. I'm going to slowly add to my stash so that I dont have to do laundry as often, but its not bad. I've dealt with poop explosions (a whole nother post) and I've lived. Poop doesnt phase me any more. Not that it ever did really.

Our kitchen table kicked the crapper during the move. I kinda figured it would. It was a freebie, and I knew its legs were wobbly. So I'm on the hunt for a table, and maybe even some new chairs, for before Christmas. I'm hosting Christmas Dinner for Tony's family and I'm so excited. I havent been able to do that until now.

So I'll be back with photos and such later. My camera batter needs to charge. I'll be back soon!

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Renee said...

Welcome Back!!! Cant wait to see and hear more about the new house!!

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