Sunday, October 09, 2011

a very long day

Thursday was the first day I went out of the apartment alone with both kids. We had doctors appointments to get to and Lucas was running low on disposable diapers, like we're talking 2 left. Had to really gear up mentally to get ready to take them both out.

It was fortunate that Lucas slept through Sadie's breakfast. I could focus on finding missing shoes, a coat that would fit Sadie, and hats for them. Just leaving the apartment was hard work. Lucas was in the moby wrap, diaperbag was over my shoulder, and Sadie held my hand as we made our way down the stairs to the stroller. Sadie did well, she slid down the stairs. Really excited about the prospect of going out, she forgot about the last stair and took a step off and fell down. She was not impressed, and so that meant that I had to carry her and Lucas at the same time while abandoning the diaperbag in the hallway temporarily.

She was calm after a few mintues, and once everyone was buckled in the stroller, we were off. Stroller was kinda tough to steer, and I realized that one of my tires was low on air. BAH! I had to carry on, as we had 3 appointments to make.

Thankfully Tony was able to skip a meeting at work to meet me at the doctors office. I couldnt possible deal with both kids at the doctors without Sadie being strapped into a carseat, and the stroller is way too big for my doctors tiny office.
Cookie break, waiting for daddy to arrive

So Lucas is doing well other than hes still a touch jaundice. She ordered a blood test for him. He's gaining weight well and pooping and such, so she thinks its something with my breast millk and I might need to pump for a week and feed him formula instead. oh joy. I think it will come down to that, but I dread it cause I fear it will decrease my supply. That and I hate pumping. Well, we just have to wait for the test results. Lucas is 10lbs 8 oz, thats a pound in I think 2 weeks or so. Not bad at all.

We missed Sadie's 12 month checkup, so she was also weighed, and she weighs 20lbs. Yep, just 20lbs. Shes only double her brothers weight. She's always been a small girl. Tall,  but small. Shes in the 7th percentile for her age. She's also a little pickey. So shes going to be on a high fat diet. Doctor said to put butter in everything. yum, butter! Im thinking heavy cream, butter, croissants as well as meats and things. Shes just now interested in ground beef. After our appointment, she shared my teen burger with me and she liked it.

She had her shots, which was so sad. She cried hard and was not herself the rest of the day. Tony does the shots part, which I'm so glad for, cause I cannot stand to watch let alone hold them down.

After all the poking and prodding and crying, we got on the skytrain to head home. Both kids did well on transit, no crying or screaming. I was so thankful for that cause I was out of clean soothers. Sadie tossed both of them on the floor at the doctors office -- ew.

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amyschmamey said...

Woh... what a day. I hope that you can get the jaundice thing figured out.

As for your daughter and her weight. My son has always been in the 10th %... He's NOT the eater his sister was... I was never told to put him on any specific diet because he was following a curve. I can honestly say I am not looking forward to the pediatrician visits! ha ha ha.

Well. Goodluck with the milk thing.

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