Tuesday, October 04, 2011

what's new? We're moving!

Sadie also learned to colour, and now she wants to colour everything
Yes, that's right, our little family of 4 is MOVING! After crazily house hunting for a place over the last 2 months, we found one. We'll be renting the upstairs of a house. I'm so relieved. We've got 3 bedrooms, and we're excited. I've been packing like stink to get this going. We get the place October 15th, so I'll be away a lot the next couple weeks.

I'm excited to move. I'm ready to be out of this cramped apartment. 2 Kids in a one bedroom just for the last week has been rough. So, off I go, I'm Space Bagging all our linens and things today, and then packing books and things.

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Nae said...

Yay!!! That's exciting! A lot of work but worth it when your all unpacked and settled!!
Good Luck! I hope it all goes smoothly!! :)

auntie Dar said...

Hey sweetie....Space bags work wonderfully well...so thrilled that you got a place thats big enough!!!good for you all!!!!

When are you moving? and I'm sure you're gonna love it....
Have fun..will be thinking of you all , and the fun ? you'll

have///Love you lots....Auntie Dar

Tara said...

We just moved and it was definitely rough, but definitely worth all of the trouble. Being in a good space that works for your family is so incredibly important. Good luck with everything!

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