Friday, September 30, 2011

the (GROSS) things toddlers do...

Now I know that having a toddler means you have to expect them to do disgusting things. I've seen quite a bit, mostly in the way of poop, but last week, Sadie surprised me. She took it to a new level.

It was the afternoon, I was just finished feeding Lucas. Sadie was busy throwing diapers all over the room - typical tornado toddler stuff. I had opened the door to our room to head to the living room when Lucas pooped. So he needed to be changed NOW. I turned around, started changing him, and realized that the door to my bedroom was left open, and Sadie was gone. Normally she hangs out with me, but when an oppertunity arises to get into more trouble, she takes it.

So I start speed changing my little buddy thinking that its way too quiet, shes up to no good. Got my boy changed lightening fast - and took him out to the hallway.

The bathroom door was left open...

This is bad, I thought. My girl, she has this thing about playing with water. So I start down the hall praying "Please oh please keep her out of the toilet".

No such luck. In fact, not only was she standing by the toilet beaming from ear to ear, but she was holding MY TOOTHBRUSH.


This little girl must have been making toilet soup (and was having a marvelous time, might I add), and using MY toothbrush to stir it up, cause there was toilet water all over, and a soother had been plunked in the bowl as well.

Quickly, before she started brushing her teeth (heaven forbid), I plunked my little buddy down on the hallway floor, and ran into the bathroom flinging my toothbrush into the garbage. Kept her hands where I could see them, and scrubbed her down with as much soap and water as I could. I didn't even want to think about if she had brushed her teeth with toilet water, but I didn't really stop her right away when she started to eat soap bubbles.

It will clean her mouth right? My boy then starts to cry, so we shuffle on out. Whew.

That was gross.

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