Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i turned into my dad today

Yesterday we attempted a Christmas photoshoot. It started out ok, but turned bad. Within minutes, it was me vs the childrens, and I lost (it). I had a great idea, it took half an hour to get the lights fixed, hung up,and get Sadie dressed. I sat my girl down and was about to take a photo when she saw a yellow teddy bear. She would not smile until I got it for her. This light yellow easter coloured bear was not going to be in my photos. I threw it out of sight. Well! that just did it for her. The whining started, so I tried making faces, noises anything to get the kid distracted. Nope, she was determined, as determined as I was that the bear was not going to be there. So then the wailing happened. Im still trying to get her to smile, and then I lost it and out came the sentence that I had heard before "JUST STOP CRYING!!!!" "STOP CRYING AND SMILE" Yep, I went there. It did no good, she just cried the entire time, even after getting that stupid bear back.

When we were younger, my dad would take pictures of us (whether we wanted to or not). He would get things all set up and we were to smile. No silly faces, no wasting film, and so if one of us didnt want to (like Mikaela) we would be told these words. She would cry between takes, but smile for the picture. There were family photos done of us where Mik in particular didnt want to be there but in a lot of the photos she was smiling with red puffy eyes.

So I went there and it didnt work. I took down the lights, I had to laugh and think back to some of our family photos.

Over the years we just accepted having photos taken of us. Having a photographer for a father just does that.

She'll have to get used to me...

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